Toni Winston - 4A

Hello My Name Is...

Mama Toni

Welcome back to school to the new Nation of Zulu.  I am both pleased and excited to walk with you and your child on their journey of new beginnings in fourth grade.  This year we will discuss, analyze and critically think about text as we read.  The expectation is that we bring our best selves to school everyday.  Scholars are also expected to spend at least 20 minutes each night reading a book on or above level as part of their nightly liberation assignment. 

Essential Questions of Freedom:  What is Freedom? How has the search for freedom shaped the stories of the people of Pennsylvania?

Course Description: The 4th grade curriculum is aligned with the Mission and Vision of SFACS and Common Core Standards. It is designed to involve the scholar in applying reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing skills in a collaborative and independent manner through meaningful tasks that account for multiple different learning styles through culturally responsive practices.  

This year scholars are entering Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School as the elders of the lower school and will be expected to assume the responsibilities that our fourth grade scholars must embody.  Their responsibilities include things like: coming to school on time, being in uniform and wearing it properly, completing all liberation work (homework) every evening, abiding by the protocols of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School, keeping their environment (both individual space and school) clean and organized, treating everyone in our Sankofa family with the utmost respect (peers as well as elders), and doing their best at all times.

The curriculum is marked by an infusion of the literature, history, and culture of Afrikan people, a context that empowers scholars to transform themselves through engagement, identity development, meaning making, and the critical interrogation of symbolic representations. 

        1.  In Literacy the scholars will begin an intense journey through literature, grammar and writing reading novels such as Seed Folks, Journey to Jo'burg and Secret Garden.
        2.  In math scholars will learn about long division, fractions, geometry, algebra and factors.
        3.  In Social Studies scholars will research the rich history of Pennsylvania from a variety of viewpoints including the Native American and African American narratives which are so often left untold.
        4.  In science scholars will develop their scientific thinking and apply it to hands on science experiments and service learning projects.

I look forward to getting to know your children/our scholars and working with you to help them succeed.  With your help, I am committed to making this year, one of great growth, exploration, transformation and knowledge building.