Nanyamka Wali

Hello My Name Is...

Mama Nanyamka (Nam) Wali

Keystone Biology/Keystone Chemistry/Environmental Science & Justice
11th & 12th Grades

                                   “On this flight, may we never lose sight” -J. Cole 

"May we soar free, Maatically!"-N. Wali

Hotep Mighty Servant Leader Scholar & Intellectual Warrior,

My name is Mama Nanyamka Wali aka Mama Nam and I have the honor of serving as the 11th and 12th grade science course facilitator. In addition to being a certified science educator for the last 19 years, my life journey has given me several titles that I am proud to have which includes being a mother, sister, urban farmer, and a mighty Kuumbatizer.  If you are wondering what a Kuumbatizer is, a Kuumbatizer is defined as one who consistently Kuumbatizes. In other words, a Kuumbatizer intentionally does as much as they can to creatively leave people, places, and things in a better condition than they found them, which is what the principle Kuumba of our Nguzo Nane (8 Principles) is all about.  My major goal as we journey through this school year is to help you walk into your power so that you can positively transform and my hope is that the science concepts learned throughout the year will allow you to move more freely through your life endeavors.. We will learn about matter and energy so that you can more clearly decide what matters to you and your role in shaping matter in your lifetime.  We will also become more aware of our long and short term assessment goals so that you can make a conscious effort to meet them with planning help and support. In general, my responsibility is to assist you through my preparation, facilitation, support, and reflection to accomplish your academic goals while simultaneously supporting your overall positive transformation into young adulthood.  

In May 2000, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Lincoln University, PA and then completed my M.A. in Biology/General Science Secondary Education from Hunter College of the City University of New York in June 2003. I also graduated from American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in August of 2003 from their Funeral Service Diploma program.  I have taught grades 7-13 over the course of my career thus far and I love learning new and interesting effective ways to teach and help my scholars learn and appreciate science. After relocating to Philadelphia in 2005, I became certified in Biology and have been committed to educating Philadelphia’s scholars by helping to prepare them for success on their standardized assessments, real life problem solving, and connecting them to awesome opportunities in the sciences.  

Beautiful Scholar, I humbly ask that you open your heart and mind to the good challenges that await us this year.  I also ask that you really consider how you will contribute to our collective learning experience. We have an obligation not to become time bandits in our own lives so let’s use our time and energy to rise together. Life is like a Bank, no deposit, no withdrawal.  When you face the tough hills. mountains, and valleys of our missions for this year, I want you to remember our school theme “Amini-Believe”. Believe and draw upon the good deeds and sacrifices of our ancestors in addition to using our moral code of Nguzo Nane principles and Virtues of Maat to help fuel you.  will do my best to help you and I ask that you try your best to help yourself. Our work together to reach academic and character excellence is an act of Love to help our world positively transform. You are choosing to be part of this Freedom Movement every time you come to class with your Nia (purpose) in mind.  Thank you in advance for your Imani (faith) in me for us to become Kuumbatizers of our world. I Amini in Us so…Ready, Set, Soar….Maatically!!!   Peace, Love, and Bright Moments,

Mama Nam (Nanyamka Wali), M.A

11th & 12th Grade Science Facilitator