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ELA Syllabus and Outline

Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School 2019-20


Facilitator: Mama Smiley


Bambara: Essential Question- What is freedom?  How do we use the wisdom of the ancients and the media of today to promote freedom? 

Grade 6 literacy vigorously engages students, with the Mission Statement in Balanced Literacy (reading, writing, speaking and listening skills) and is aligned with the Common Core Standards implemented here at Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.  This model is used to increase literacy levels throughout the community, promote respect for scholarship, servant leadership, conflict resolution and cultural democracy.  Students will further develop and bolster grammar skills, while deepening comprehension and vocabulary skills.  Also, they should be increasing their understanding of the ways, in which writers use language to become more effective and proficient in both written and spoken communication.  In addition, test- taking skills, study skills and enrichment activities will also be further developed through technology (study island, kahoot and other resources). 

Nia- Purpose

  • Respond to fictional/non-fictional text by employing strategies (ACQC), cited evidence, critical analysis and personal experiences.
  • Narrative writing, argumentative writing
  • Compose a variety of modes by developing strong logical content/organization, domain specific vocabulary and language specific for a particular audience and purpose.
  • Grow 1 year in their reading skills.
  • Classroom culture/expectations consists of practicing the virtues of Ma’at, a code of righteous expectations, and a builder of excellence in character and behavior in our classroom.Students are expected to:
  • Come to class prepared to work with pencils, notebooks, folders, etc.

    *See School Supply List

  • Completed libation (homework) DAILY (i.e. reading log, grammar, text annotations, questions, etc.All text (workbooks, novels must return to school daily)!Any lost or damaged books much be replaced.Please see “book contract” and return signed?
  • Mindset to work hard