JOB FAIR - March 21, 2020

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Peace & Blessings from Dr. Mama:


“If you believe it, you can achieve it”

One decade ago, we miraculously opened our doors, not really knowing what was possible, but believing if we were faithful and worked together, building on the power and positivity of Freedom School, we could do something wonderful for and with young people.   We hoped that we could build an education environment that reflected our values and our vision and would honor the sacrifices of those freedom fighters before us.  We absolutely did not know what we were getting into!  We had no fancy backers, no political connections, and definitely no money!  What we had was a willingness to work hard, a willingness to work together and a faith in this movement and in one another.  Everyday of the past ten years has been a challenge!  Some days we have had wonderful victories and on too many days we have emerged feeling like failures. There are so many lessons that we need to take with us into our next decade, but if we can only take one thing from our past into our future it is our faith.  We must continue to BELIEVE!

We must believe we have the strength and power to do what we are tasked to do regardless of our circumstances, obstacles, or opposition.  Staff, we must believe that we can positively impact student performance despite the structural barriers erected in an unjust racist society that refuses to do right by its children.  We must believe that we have the strength and power of our ancestors to through perseverance, creativity, and resilience release the African genius of our children. 

Parents, we must believe in our children.  We must believe that they can do what is required of them and must hold them accountable for performing in a manner that is consistent with our expectations. No matter what they do, we must NEVER give up on our children and no matter how tempting it may be, we must not fall for their excuses.  Not trying should never be an option!  Young people, you must believe that you can and must rise above the predictions made about what you can do and who you will be.  You were created in the image of the Divine and have in your cultural and historical DNA all that it takes to win.  Finally, we all must believe in the vision that started this  institution and believe that if we come together, we can ensure that it not only survives but thrives. We must not give up on the possibility that our people can live in a world where peace, freedom and justice prevail.

Let’s step into next decade determine to make the freedom dreams of our ancestors a reality.  Let’s return to the high hopes, high energy and high expectations we started with 10 years ago! Let’s believe that if we open our hearts and put our hands to the plow, we can produce a generation of scholars and servant leaders who will join us in this movement to make this world a better place through education.  Let’s go family!  Let’s BELIEVE!