Mama Nia: 7th and 8th Grade Science

Hi, my name is Vania Gulston.
ANNOUNCEMENT:  Tutoring in 7th and 8th Grade Science has started!
Every Tuesday, from 12:42 to 1:30pm.

Mama Nia

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students of SFACS,

I will be working with your servant-leader as his/her new science instructor and math lab facilitator.  I am committed to serving you with love, passion, diligence, and a sense of urgency.     More than ever, we need to build up our youth to be strong in mind, body, and spirit. 

In my class, your child will shine learning about his/her potential, his/her power to create new and better worlds through soul sweat, dreaming, and applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to changing our physical world.   When math and science skills are combined with innovativeness, creative-thinking, enthusiasm, and hard work, we get revolutionizing technology like cars, jets, smart phones, and space shuttles.   These technologies, rooted in the order of math and science, changed our world.  I teach math and science to change the world.  I look forward to exploring this tool of change with your child.

I will insist along this journey on discipline of the body and protection of every class member’s spirit.  I designed the rules, routines, and procedures of this class to help create habits in student behavior that are conducive to fostering these features.

I am here to serve.

With love and passion,

Mama Nia