Affirmation & Pledges

Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School Pledge

Elementary Scholars Recite:

We are the scholars of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School

We are the sons and daughters of Greatness

We are the descendents of those who loved Scholarship, Justice, the Arts, and the Earth.

We take pride in our diversity and find joy in our unity.

We respect our ancestors, our elders, ourselves, each other and our environment.

We honor the principle of Sankofa and reclaim our roots

To build a brighter tomorrow.


High School Servant Leaders Recite:

We are the servant leaders and intellectual warriors of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School.

We shall always remember the sacrifices of our ancestors--

Those who were taken from their land

And those whose land was taken from them.

Because we stand on the shoulders of a mighty people

We shall build mighty shoulders on which others can stand. 

We pledge to develop good habits of the mind, body, and spirit

We pledge to continue the legacy of the freedom fighters before us.

We understand that we exist because others have made it possible for us

and because others have made it possible for us, we will make it possible for others.


ALL recite in unison:

Every day in every way..

We shall learn so that we can teach and we shall teach so that we can change the world

We are Sankofa Freedom Academy

Working to restore excellence in scholarship, culture, and community

One Heart, One Love, One Earth, One People